Become a member of IFMA

Joining IFMA gives you access to our global network of 24,000 individuals with a vested interest in facility management. In addition to networking opportunities, you’ll gain access to exclusive members-only benefits like FM publications, webinars, and other resources to help you succeed.

How membership works

To become part of the IFMA community, you’ll join via the global organization. Memberships are individual and renewed annually.

The annual membership fee is US$135 professionals, associates, and young professionals, or US$10 for students.

  • Professional: Individual who practices facility management
  • Young Professional: Individual who is 35 years of age or younger (not to exceed five years)
  • Associate: Individual who sells products/services to facility managers
  • Student: Individual pursuing the full-time study of FM or related discipline at an accredited college or university (verification required)

Ways to join

You have three ways to become an IFMA member. Simply select one of the methods below, provide your contact information, select your nearest local chapter and enter payment.

    1. Online: Complete and pay using our online form. Select Register and enter your information to create a new login account, then complete the form by picking your options and submitting payment details.
    2. Mail or fax:
      • Fill out the application form (.pdf)
      • Return completed application with payment to:
        International Facility Management Association
        P.O. Box 203648, Dallas, TX 75320-3648, USA
        or fax to +1-281-974-5650

Looking for information on joining IFMA as a company or group or have questions about membership? Contact us.